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My grandmother grew up in this tiny village in Barbados, and she was the only kid in the village to have a cricket bat. She used to play with all the boys, but then they started stealing the bat every time she bought it out of the house and saying that she couldn’t play because girls shouldn’t play sport. So one day she invited them to come play cricket, then set fire to the bat and made them watch it burn, so none of them could play cricket anymore. She was 11.   

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Tell me one 11 year old with any sense that would be able to ever be able to resist that face when home from school sick, watching classic movies all day…?  One?  He had me then and he never let me go.

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Reblog if you say “fuck” more than 5 times a day.


Are you kidding? Try 30.

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Ever laughed when someone told you THEIR plan for YOUR life?

Never mind being nearly 23. SMDH.

I love where I live - Brisbane, Australia. I have no desire to uproot my life and move back to the slums where we once live in Otara, Auckland. No offence to the current and former Otarians. I just don’t feel like it is somewhere I want to live - not Otara, but New Zealand.

I am proud of where I come from and the struggles we had to go through before moving to where I believe is the land of milk and honey.

I love Australia and one day in the very near future, I hope to become an Australian citizen.

What brought this little rant on you ask?

Well, my parents want to move back to NZ. They’ve made all sorts of plans and arrangements for us without even consulting us.

It’s been a couple of months since my brothers and I have known about their wanting to move back home. But we didn’t know FROM THEM. It was all hearsay and from friends of our family.

Imagine hearing about such a life changing move that not only fucking involves you but you’re not fucking aware of?

Ugh rant to be continued…

That awkward moment when you sing a part to a song too early.



My dad does this ALL THE TIME

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